Your 10-point checklist to stay motivated through lockdown 3.0

Updated: Jan 27

Your 10 point checklist for staying motivated to continue to manage or lose weight during lockdown, and stay healthy generally.

Before I begin, a word about motivation. What do we mean? Basically, it's your reason for doing something. So remember, as we go through this checklist, that just because there’s a lockdown it doesn’t mean your goal is no longer important or achievable. If you want it enough, you will find a way. So here are 10 things that you can do that will help you to find that way.

1. Recognise that it’s ok to not feel ok.

Allow yourself to feel upset, angry or worried about what's happening. Recognise it’s normal and is part of the process of coming to terms with what’s happening. But don’t allow yourself to stay there, as that will not serve you.

2. Don’t assume that it means you can’t continue to manage your weight.

You CAN. The answers to the problems are not in the biscuit barrel, the cake tin or the wine bottle, even though they may feel like it in the moment. You know that in reality they will be taking you away from where you want to go. So it's not worth it. By all means allow yourself some slack, and enjoy what you like, but keep it in balance.

3. Get some support

– from your GP, counselling or just talking to friends and family about how you feel. Get it off your chest. Get it out of your head. This will help you to get things straight and figure out what you need to do, not just in relation to your weight, but in general. It will also make some of those worries and fears seem less daunting and more manageable.

4. Think about the things in your life that you have control over:

  • what you read, watch or listen to - is it positive or negative? How is it affecting you?

  • how you feel - is it positive or negative?

  • how you think - is it positive or negative? Can you turn it around and put a positive spin on it?

  • what actions you take, including: what you eat; how much exercise you take; what time you go to bed and get up in the morning (unless you have specific circumstances such as young baby), and your sleep routine.

5. Stop with the all-or-nothing thinking.

Just because you can’t do everything you want, like go to the gym, or have less time to do things because you’re home-schooling, or are surrounded by temptations at home, there are lots of things you can still do. Be aware of your weak spots and put in measures to help you avoid or manage them. Take a look around and see what other people are doing and get some ideas, and get creative. Remind yourself that doing something is always better than nothing.

6. Remember what YOU do is YOUR responsibility, and confront your limiting beliefs.

Stop seeing yourself as a victim. What's happening is truly devastating, but we are resourceful, intelligent human beings and we can take back some control by how we respond to it. Stop saying 'I can’t'. It takes your power away. Give yourself the power back by recognising you have choice of how to respond. And make the best you possibly can of the situation. Seek advice if you're not sure of your options. But remember you DO have options.

7. Think of all the benefits looking after yourself and staying on track with your goals will bring you

And remind yourself how eating too much, drinking too much, smoking too much or not taking exercise will make you feel. And not to mention increase your risk of Covid complications. Also now is not the time with so many services overstretched to be getting ill with anything, so it’s more important than ever to look after ourselves.

8. Be clear about what you want to achieve and why, and make a plan

of what are the minimum things you need to do to still stay in control of your food and activity. Also be aware of what will influence how you feel on a daily basis and make sure you include things that will help, and minimise your exposure to the things that won’t.

9. Take some time out every day just to think about you

– and reflect on what’s going well, what are some of the good things in your life, what’s most important to you, and how can you use this time to benefit you.

10. Consider keeping a daily consistency chart or take part in a challenge

to help you maintain your focus. And share your progress with others. The encouragement and positive feedback you get will spur you on and you'll motivate others in the process!

If you found this checklist helpful, why not head over to the YourOneLife Facebook Group for more free advice, support and encouragement in managing your weight. If you need some extra support, why not buy my Preparing for Successful Weight Loss e-book, packed with information and activities to change your mindset and help you lose weight for good and it's just £9.97. Less than the price of a takeaway but far more fulfilling!

Until next time...

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