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My name is Claire Jones and I like helping you to solve your weight loss problems 

I passionately believe that everybody deserves to live their life to the full, and not be constrained by preventable health problems due to being overweight. I also believe that the world we live in makes it harder than ever to do this. 

So I am on a mission to help long-term yo-yo dieters like you go from feeling helpless and in constant conflict between their food choices and their weight management goals, to feeling confident in navigating this modern, challenging, high-calorie world, so they can be healthy, happy and free from the shackles of the yo-yo dieting cycle.  

I was able to do it, and now I can help you too. 

Your Problem:

If you’re a long term yo-yo dieter you know that losing weight means eating less and moving more, right?

Unfortunately, most struggling dieters make the costly mistake of trying to cut back their food too much, AND/OR exercising too much, depleting the body’s resources, and ending up tired, miserable and hungry. Yep, done that, got the T shirt. 

They also don’t prepare properly for what’s to come, so it’s all too easy to fall down at the first hurdle…Yep, done that too. 

Without proper preparation, and without focussing on what the body and mind need to stay healthy while losing weight, you only end up wasting effort, time and money as your body and brain fight back hard, and you end up right back where you started.

Sound familiar?

How I Help You To Solve It for Yourself:

My speciality is preparing long term yo-yo dieters properly for weight loss, so you can get off the yo-yo diet rollercoaster and lose weight for good, like I did. 

That’s why I’ve created the ideal method, one that helps to prepare you properly for weight loss, so that you can find and follow the right approach for you, that is healthy for both body and mind, and fits with your life, your personality and your preferences.

A method that means you are much more likely to lose weight and keep it off for good, like I did. 

There is something to suit every budget. 

Read on to find out more, or if you’re ready to take action check out my “Do THIS Before You Diet” Programme. Prices start at just £29.

YourOneLife Client Journey

This is NOT for you if you…

  • Are looking for a strict plan that regiments your whole life, doesn’t fit with your family and has no room for fun! (who can follow them anyway?)

  • Are looking for a quick fix with short term, unsustainable results (been there, done that, got the T shirt and found that was definitely not the way!)

  • Are not prepared to be patient and put the work in (truth bomb: all sustainable change requires work!)

  • Please look elsewhere as you won’t find what you need here…

This IS for you if you…

  • Are looking for a healthy approach that fits perfectly into your own life including the rest of your family, and with plenty of room for fun!

  • Want someone to listen to your needs, help you to improve your relationship with food and with yourself, and work with you where you are at

  • Are willing to be patient and do the work that means you will get long term, sustainable results (and in a way that doesn’t feel like hard work)

  • Carry on reading as this will definitely help you…

With Claire Jones

Do you want to learn a new, safe, effective, and enjoyable way to lose weight and keep it off for good, so you can fully live the life you know you deserve?

I will teach you a new, different, better way for you to lose weight and keep it off without feeling in conflict between what you want to do and what you think you should do, so that you can finally get off the yo-yo diet rollercoaster, and find lasting freedom and happiness.

Janet’s Experience

“I have struggled for over fifty years with my weight. I now feel I have the knowledge and skills to manage my weight; 

I now realise it is your mindset that needs to be worked on first; no diet alone will work!!

I am so grateful that I found Claire and would highly recommend her programmes to anyone who is struggling with their weight!

This is definitely the way forward.”

What’s so special about the Framework and how can it help you?

It’s very different from the usual methods you’re familiar with because of how it actually works really well alongside them, enhancing your results. It helps you to change what you want so that you can more easily stay on track with whatever you choose to do.

And as you will see, while there is some work to do, especially at the beginning, it will be extremely worth it. You will learn how to keep going with managing your weight no matter what life throws at you, where previously you had given up.

Best of all, it will help you to find out the approach that most suits your life, your personality and your preferences. You won’t need to give up all your favourite foods, follow strict plans, go hungry or do hours and hours of gruelling exercise (unless you want to!).

You will learn how to better manage your weight well for life, regardless of how many times you have failed in the past, or whether you have health or other problems that currently you may think prevent you from being able to lose weight or keep it off.*

I help you to understand why previous efforts have not worked in the long run, and help you to let go of the shame or the blame you may be feeling about being overweight, so that you can develop a better relationship with food and with yourself.

So if you want to lose weight and keep it off you will want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you… keep reading.

*disclaimer – results may vary

Hear from Luna about her experience of the Framework and the difference it has made to her life

To find out about how my approach works in practice, watch this video of me being interviewed by one of my Programme graduates, Luna. While she was not officially overweight yet, she came to me because she was on an uncontrolled spiral of weight gain and she realised that if she didn’t do something now, she was destined for a future of being overweight and unhealthy.

I’m pleased to say we soon turned that around for her and she now has everything she needs to manage her weight well for life.

*disclaimer – results may vary

The truth is… we only get one life and the clock is ticking

Don’t waste any more of your life, being in a constant battle with your weight, repeating the same patterns. I help you learn how to change the pattern, so that it is MUCH EASIER to lose weight and keep it off.  I help you to be able to enjoy the process too, so that you are far more likely to see it through. No cutting out your favourite foods and going hungry, or doing exercise that you hate.

I’m Claire Jones, and I am one of the UK’s most innovative, multi-skilled, award-winning Weight Loss Experts. After 25 years of yo-yo dieting, I finally won the battle by changing my pattern 10 years ago, and have never looked back. It totally transformed my life. I’m the healthiest and happiest that I’ve ever been. There’s nothing extra-special about me, I don’t have super-powers that mean I can do it while you can’t. I am just like you.

Now I help others. People like you. I’ll share with you and teach you how to use my exact methods, so you too can achieve what I have been able to achieve. They are perfectly adaptable to suit you as they help you to find your own, lasting, sustainable way to manage your weight

I am here to help you learn how to eat whatever you want, in a healthy way, so that you are more able to lose weight, and keep it off for life. My story and the experiences of my clients are living proof that it’s possible.

The SOLUTION is to change what you WANT.

Are you ready?

If you are prepared to invest time, effort and money in yourself, and are not just looking for the next quick fix (which doesn’t actually exist) then read on to find out how…

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How I can help YOU

I help you learn how to change what you want, by discovering new, healthier ways of thinking about food, activity, your weight, and yourself.

Together, we create your very own, unique healthy weight solution, so that you can end that battle and manage your weight well for life.

Working with me means making the decision to invest in yourself, whether that’s in terms of time and effort or financially as well, as working with me is definitely not a quick fix, but it does get long term results, because you will make changes at a fundamental level, not just at the surface.

The right option for you depends on how much time, effort and money you are prepared to invest but whichever one you choose, I will work hard to help you change your attitude and understanding around weight management, improving the likelihood of you getting the results you deserve.

I have something for every budget, and you can take my quiz or book a FREE chat if you’re not sure which option is right for you.

I know it’s possible because I’ve done it myself

I remember how it felt having my life dictated by my weight, struggling every day, hating myself and my body, never finding clothes to feel good in, feeling ugly, unfit, and ashamed of what others must think of me.

I felt so unhappy and unhealthy and powerless to do anything about it – nothing that worked in the long run anyway. The weight always ended up going back on, plus more. I didn’t know how to manage it at all, or to control my behaviour with food.

But eventually, I figured out how to do it, as I recognised the importance of investing time, effort and money into making deep changes to my attitude and therefore my behaviour, and preparing myself properly for making the practical changes in how I ate and my activity.

So let me help you. I can help you learn how to put an end to all of these struggles and make the best of your life by successfully managing your weight and finally being able to live the life you deserve.

If you repeatedly spend time losing weight only to regain it, then this video I made for the members of the YourOneLife Accountability Club will help you.

It doesn’t matter which weight loss approach you prefer.
My methods work alongside them, enhancing your results!

See how I work

Find out more about my unique approach to weight loss and how I can help you

I work with you to help you find and follow what fits best with your life, so you can reduce that feeling of being torn between doing what you really want to do and what you think you ‘should’ do.

There are so many programmes to choose from already, and it can be overwhelming. It’s tempting to try things that we have seen in adverts, on social media, or seen a friend or family member have success with, but then wonder why we don’t achieve the same success.

Claire Jones Before and After Weight Loss

Usually it’s because actually it wasn’t suitable for our life or our personality, and we didn’t succeed because we were feeling torn, and really just wanted to stick with what was comfortable, especially during stressful times when the drive to emotionally eat is incredibly strong.

Losing weight is hard because it requires us to change how we eat, and usually we don’t really want to.   Therefore it’s so important to find an approach that doesn’t cause us to feel too torn between what we want to do each day, and what we think we should do because we want to lose weight.

Not only that, we need to prepare ourselves properly, and that means developing the right mindset that supports the changes we want, and need, to make, so that we don’t feel torn anymore.

I understand that it can be so difficult to know what is right, especially if we have tried and failed many times before, which is why I haven’t introduced any new eating or exercise programmes.

What I do complements everything that is already there.  I help you to choose and follow what suits you best, that fits with your life, as long as it’s healthy and safe.

While I will guide you, if needed, with what to eat and what exercise to do, and hold you accountable to the approach of your choice, our time is mainly spent on developing your mindset, and the knowledge and skills that you need, so that you can manage your weight well for life.

You don’t have to choose between me and another programme like WW, Slimming World, or anything else that is out there. You can do BOTH! The work we do together will make sure you choose the right option for you from the outset, whether that be a well known programme or simply making small, effective changes to your current lifestyle. I will prepare you for sticking with it through life’s inevitable ups and downs, so you don’t end up back where you started when things get stressful.

I help you to find the missing pieces of your unique weight loss jigsaw puzzle so that you can figure out why previous efforts to lose weight and keep it off have not been successful. Then, together, we solve your puzzle, so that you are able to work out how you CAN lose weight and be more likely to keep it off for good.

Through working with me you will:

  • Dispel myths and overcome unhelpful habits and beliefs

  • Build the right mindset, knowledge and skills for successful and lasting weight loss

  • Find the power within yourself to make the changes

  • Understand what you REALLY want, why and how much you want it, and what holds you back

  • Understand what works for you (and what doesn’t!), and what will fit within your life

  • Learn about exactly why it’s so hard to manage our weight, and what you can do about it 

Why choose me to help you?

I’m one of the UK’s most innovative, weight loss experts. I’m an Award-Winning Life Coach and Personal Trainer famous for getting you to work harder on your mind than on your body, thereby preparing you for SUCCESSFUL and LASTING weight loss.

In addition to my own very personal weight loss journey, I have decades of experience of working with people including empowering them to improve their health and changing their behaviour. I have had varied career in the public sector, including being a prison officer, drug and alcohol worker, part-time firefighter (now retired), and a 20-year career as a senior manager in the NHS.

I have brought all that experience together with my passion for health and wellbeing, and helping others to achieve their potential and break free from the yo-yo diet cycle. Since YourOneLife began in March 2020 I have helped dozens of people to learn better, healthier, more sustainable ways of managing their weight. The number of stones lost continues to grow and successful maintenance stories come in regularly.

Since leaving my full-time NHS Senior Manager role in January 2019  I have undertaken numerous additional training courses and gained additional qualifications and memberships of professional bodies and have a listing on the Life Coaching Directory and the General Hypnotherapy Register.

So you can trust that I know what I am talking about. I have the personal experience, backed up by comprehensive training and experience of empowering many people to improve their lives. 

I can help you to improve your life too.

Read my story here

I’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, after two sessions with Claire I already feel I have structure, realistic goals and a completely different way of approaching my poor eating habits. I feel Claire ‘completely gets me’ and immediately felt safe, comfortable and respected. Thank you Claire – would highly recommend 🙂
Sue Owen.

People come to me because I help them break free from yo-yo and serial dieting, change how they eat, and lose weight for good. I remember how it felt to have my life dictated by my weight! But it doesn’t dictate my life anymore!

I’m a bit different from others you might have worked with before.

Using the YourOneLife Framework for Success, I give you a workout plan for your MIND to help you transform your THINKING, your ATTITUDE and your FEELINGS, teach you new KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS, give you new TOOLS and build your CONFIDENCE so you can properly CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR and choose the RIGHT approach for you.

If you follow what you learn with me, whatever approach you choose to lose weight, you will find it easier to STICK TO IT AND KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF because you’ll change what you want.

You will be more able to live a life free from the constraints of the diet and weight gain cycle, eat in a way that supports your health, and no longer feel guilty about how much you eat or exercise!

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About you

Are you fed up with struggling with your weight, like I was? Losing and gaining the same stones or pounds over and over again, and maybe each time it’s a little more than before?

Do you feel you have no control of your eating? Deny yourself things, cut back excessively only to overindulge at the first opportunity. Then feel shame, anger and disgust at yourself for being so greedy, and vow to cut back again tomorrow… only to repeat the pattern over and over.

Are you worried about the toll your weight is having on your health?

Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror?

Have you lost faith that you will ever be able to manage your weight?


About me

I’m here to help you learn how to manage your weight in a way that is free from guilt, judgment or misery, and that you can stick to for life, with no quick fixes or false promises in sight.

After almost 25 years of yo-yo dieting I finally cracked it, and absolutely transformed my life. I have now kept my weight off for 10 years, and I’ve never been healthier, happier and more comfortable with myself, and that includes how I eat and drink.

If I can do it, so can you! It all starts with being honest, and cultivating the right mindset. I can teach you how, so that you can learn to manage your weight well for the rest of your life…

​Are you ready to fully invest yourself, your time and money into properly doing something about losing weight?

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