Intensive One to One Coaching

With Claire Jones

My speciality is working closely with long term yo-yo and serial dieters like you, who want to stop the cycle of losing weight only to regain it.

If you want to learn how to get away from doing one diet plan after another, so you can finally achieve long term success, and find the freedom to live the life you know you deserve, then I’m the coach for you.

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I help you to understand your behaviour and learn how to find a better, happier, healthier way, one that is right for you, so you know how you can manage your weight well for life. The most effective way to do this is through Intensive 1:1 Coaching, incorporating weekly sessions and daily support.

We start by taking you through my flagship Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Programme over 8 weeks on a 1:1 basis, and then you are guided to implement everything you learn, with a view to gradually stepping down the amount of support you need. You may wish to graduate into my Accountability Club once you no longer need such intensive support.

I only work with a small number of people on a 1:1 basis at any one time as it is very intensive work and so it is important that you take the commitment seriously.

Are you ready to make that commitment?

Instead of saying “I can’t afford it”, ask yourself “How can I afford it?”

It may seem expensive at face value but how much more expensive is a lifetime of continuing to struggle with your weight? What does that cost you in terms of self-esteem, confidence, health, mobility and missed opportunities to live the life you deserve?

What are you currently spending money on that takes you away from weight loss? How can you divert that money towards your weight loss instead?

You are worth the investment.

You don’t just get an hour at a time with me, you get ongoing support, encouragement and guidance between sessions all the time we are working together.

Don’t worry if you don’t believe at the moment that you can do it; we will work on that. All I ask is that you are willing to put in the time and effort, and keep an open mind.

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I call it coaching but it’s so much more than that.

It’s a bespoke package of coaching, mentoring, education and therapy tailored to your needs.

I guide and support you to understand your behaviour and  find and implement the unique approach that works for you, so you can lose weight and keep it off for good, and live the life you deserve.

I help you to improve your relationship with food and with yourself, so you can recognise you can do it and are worth the effort.

I teach you how to manage your weight in this incredibly challenging food-laden modern world, so that you can manage it for yourself in the long term.

How long this takes varies for each person, but you are asked to make an initial commitment of 8 weeks, as this gives us the opportunity to fully work through my flagship Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Programme, and then review what ongoing support you need. The only exception is if you have already done the DIY Version of the Programme and are now seeking 1:1 support to implement what you have learned.

Payment for initial contract can be made in blocks of 4, 8 or 12 weeks in advance, regardless of contract length agreed.

Please note that you will receive discounts the more in advance you pay. See the prices below for more information.

After this, you can either repeat the same package, agree a new, bespoke package that is less intensive, or you can switch to one of the Accountability Club options for ongoing less in-depth support.  Payment terms will then be agreed on an individual basis.

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My 1:1 services are ideal for you if:

  • You are prepared to properly invest in yourself and your future for at least the next 2-3 months.

  • You are prepared to keep an open mind and challenge what you think you know about weight loss

  • You are prepared to check in with me on a daily basis.

  • You are prepared to be patient and work hard, and not expect a quick fix.

  • You have tried various diets but always end up regaining your weight.

  • You know what to do but can’t figure out why you can’t seem to do it consistently.

  • Or, you’ve lost your weight but are terrified of putting it back on, and it’s a daily struggle.

  • You are serious about making a commitment to me, and to yourself.

  • You have a busy, stressful life where you can’t seem to find the time or head space to follow a diet consistently.

  • You have lost faith that you will ever lose weight or keep it off.

  • You are keen to stop repeating the same patterns of behaviour and ending up with the same results.

  • You would love to live your future as your ideal self, feeling as fit and healthy as possible, being able to do all the things you don’t do at the moment because your weight holds you back.

If you’re worried that you can’t afford it…

take a look at your bank statements to see how much you’ve spent on food and drink and other items over the last 3 months over and above the basics.

The very things that take you AWAY from where you want to be.

Try investing it in yourself and your future instead, and see what happens….

You are worth it. 

​Are you ready to take healthy control of your weight once and for all?

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How Will YourOneLife 1:1 Coaching Help You?

Working with me is almost like having me by your side all the time, keeping you on track at the same time as building up your knowledge, skills and confidence to keep going. I help you to learn how to manage your eating behaviours independently by gaining a much better understanding of your behaviour, the reasons behind them, and developing techniques to resolve and/or manage them.

By working with you closely in online 1:1 sessions and through the Portal in between sessions,  I help you to understand what’s behind your behaviour and how you can manage it.

I help you to develop and sustain your motivation for, and commitment to, managing your weight.

I help you to build your confidence, develop your self-esteem and self-worth, increase your accountability, improve your knowledge and skills, and introduce you to new tools that can help you.

In doing so, we improve your relationship with both yourself and with food so that you can learn to manage your weight well for life.

Using my unique Framework for Successful Weight Loss I help you to work out the right approach for you, your life, your personality and your preferences, and keep you on track with it.

It’s also a great way to work on your personal development too, as the skills you learn are completely transferable.

I can even include hypnotherapy, nutritional advice and personal training, or give you an exercise plan if you need it.

While I am not a mental health specialist, people often find that things like anxiety, depression and confidence improve as a positive side-effect of working with me.

Note: This is something we would discuss prior to working together, to see if you are ready as if there is a significant issue that is not under control or resolved and needs specialist mental health support, you may need to work with other professionals to make sure you get the support you need with your mental health prior to working with me.

Other benefits reported by my clients are in increased energy levels, better general health and feelings of wellness, being able to let go of worries about their future health, reduced blood pressure, improved sleep, improved relationships with family and friends, and better performance at work.

I have even helped people with successful job interviews and sports performance as a result of their increased confidence and fitness..

I can also help you if you have successfully lost weight but are struggling to keep it off.

What will happen?

I insist that we start with my flagship Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Programme, with weekly sessions for the first 8 weeks.

The reason for this is no matter how much you think you know, you will have gaps in your knowledge or skills for managing your weight, that we will need to work on, otherwise you would not need my help. By comprehensively going through the Programme we will be able to identify and work on these areas, and build really strong foundations from which you can then progress.

The only exception is if you have already done the DIY Version of the Programme and are now seeking 1:1 support to implement what you have learned.

Following this, we will review your progress and if needed we can extend your 1:1 package to support you to implement what you have learned, and gradually reduce the frequency of the sessions and intensity of the support over time, with the long term goal of you being self-sufficient.

My Accountability Club is ideal for you to join, once you no longer need such in depth support. You are given complimentary Silver membership all the time that we have weekly sessions. Once your sessions become less frequent than weekly there is an additional charge of £49 per month for the support between sessions.

YourOneLife Client Journey

Remember, before you can achieve and maintain a physical transformation you need to make the mental transformation.

Are you ready to invest in yourself to make the transformation happen?

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Claire has helped me so much, thank you ❤ the knowledge I have learnt, the tips (big takeaways for me..its ok to leave food, eat slower, and don’t get hung up on the numbers)

Gemma Gardner

Claire’s guidance and support was paramount in me achieving my goal of 4 stone 10 pounds weight loss which in May 2020 seemed impossible! 6 months later I hit my goal! I can clearly see and feel the difference it has made to my health and confidence and I have now kept it off for a year. I am confident now that I will be able to keep my weight off for life.


I have never felt this confident that I will actually be able to achieve my goals before. I have been able to easily add some good habits to my life which are making a massive difference to how I feel about weight loss and keeping it off.


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YourOneLife Framework for Success™

My unique approach is to work around your life, not around a set plan.

I help you to develop the right understanding of your behaviour, develop the right mindset and provide you with the right knowledge, skills and tools, so that anything you apply them to becomes MUCH easier. I help you solve your own unique weight loss jigsaw puzzle using the YourOneLife Framework for Success™

Find out how I can help you put an end to yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good!

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Pay in block of 4 weeks


Save £40 off standalone weekly rate of £110*

Pay in block of 8 weeks


8 weeks for the price of 7, save £110

Pay in block of 12 weeks


12 weeks for the price of 10, save £220

What’s included in the contract?

  • An online 1:1 session for one hour every week

  • Mindset exercises and other tasks for you to complete between our sessions

  • Daily support available via the YourOneLife Accountability Portal

  • Complimentary membership of the Accountability Club at Silver level

  • Typical same day personal response Monday to Thursday if request for support sent prior to 6pm, and within 48 hours from Friday to Sunday.

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What happens after your contract ends?

Once your initial agreed contract has been completed, we will review your future support needs and agree bespoke support according to what you need going forward. This can include shorter and/or less frequent sessions.

Once your sessions are less frequent than weekly, there is an additional charge if you wish to continue with support between sessions, of £49 per month.

*Standalone weekly rate is £110. Only applicable under certain circumstances where a contract is not suitable.

What Others Say

Claire is a lifesaver

I’ve been working with Claire for nearly six months now and I’ve made more progress in those few months than I have in the last nine years. And not just progress with my physical health, I’ve made huge progress with my mindset, behaviour, how I feel and how I cope with difficult situations.

Claire has helped me to make huge changes, one small step at a time. I’ve never felt overwhelmed or any pressure from Claire, only encouragement.

Every time I reflect on how far I’ve come, I am astounded by how much Claire has taught me in such a short time, and it makes me even happier to know that what I’ve learnt from her are things I can take away for life, not just the short burst of my weight loss journey.

Like so many people, I’ve lost and regained weight over and over again, but Claire is teaching me a long-term sustainable solution to losing weight and becoming healthy. I now recognise there is no point in shedding the pounds if you don’t accompany it with learning new habits and unlearning bad habits.

Claire is incredibly knowledgeable and explains complex psychological theories into digestible, understandable concepts that help you form new ways of thinking and, in turn, help you overcome things you just couldn’t figure out why you previously couldn’t do. Not only does she deal with the mindset, she also gives you practical day-to-day help and support.

The thing that drew me to Claire when I first got in contact was when she said, “People often wait until they’ve understood the reason ‘why’ they are doing what they do, but you can so easily waste a lifetime trying to figure that out. You don’t have to wait until then to take action; it’s often once you start your journey that you begin to understand the ‘why’.”

This really resonated with me, as I’d wasted so much time trying to understand what is wrong with me, which has led me to not address my poor health until years later. But it’s never too late, and while the journey to becoming healthy may seem daunting, Claire breaks it down into achievable mini-goals that make the journey seem far less scary (and more manageable)!

For anyone struggling – not only with health issues, but with any ongoing difficulties –  I would highly recommend reaching out to Claire. You are one phone call away from making the best decision of your life!

Anna, London

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It is the first time I have been able to work with someone like this, without feeling ashamed about being me.

“Working with Claire has been an eye-opening experience. She is ever so patient and really invested our time together in finding out exactly where I was in terms of weight, food and exercise, before starting to work on making changes.

Working with Claire has given me so much more insight into my habits – both good and bad ones. She has helped me drill down into the reasons behind my stubborn weight gain, while building my confidence in addressing the relevant issues.

More importantly, Claire has given me permission not to be perfect – not once has she made me feel that I am not trying hard enough. Rather, if I do get myself into that cycle of “beating myself up” over an unexpected gain, she is always at hand to help me work through that emotional response in order to regain balance.

Claire’s approach is completely different to any other I have tried – she recognises that one size does not fit all and helps you tailor your work with her to suit you and your needs.

I have worked with Claire on a 1:1 basis for 2 months and during this time lost 4kgs, in a measured and sensible way, without feeling overly deprived. I would really recommend biting the bullet and booking in some sessions with Claire – both the individual and group support is superb – well worth the investment of both time and money. You won’t regret it!

Oh, and don’t forget to buy her book … excellent read.”

ECJ, Tonbridge

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To find out if we’d be a good fit

Please book your appointment using the calendar above and you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which you must do at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. This is to ensure we make the most of our time together and can determine the most appropriate next steps for you. If you do not complete the questionnaire, your appointment will not be able to go ahead. 

Please note, in booking your appointment you agree to sign up to the YourOneLife email list, which will send you useful information to help you manage your weight,  and you will be the first to have access to any special offers that I run.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

For any queries or if you have any difficulties completing your questionnaire please email

I look forward to speaking with you.


  • No payment is required for the Discovery Call, which is no obligation.
  • Following the Discovery Call, if you decide to sign up to 1:1 coaching, payment will be required in advance to secure your contract.
  • Appointments are non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours (exception is 14 day cooling off period – see full Terms and Conditions)
  • Minimum usual contract term 8 weeks (1 session per week) and all sessions must be used by the date agreed between us.
  • Payment can be made in blocks of 4, 8 and 12 sessions, regardless of contract length. Discounts apply to blocks.
  • Sessions take place no more than 1 week apart unless by prior agreement.*

*level of support between sessions subject to package level agreed, may be subject to an additional fee

Claire Jones is an innovative, award-winning Weight Management Expert and a Successful Weight Loss Author, having been able to maintain a healthy weight for over a decade after overcoming 25 years of yo-yo dieting.

Using her unique framework, she exercises people’s minds for weight loss, with a focus particularly on long term serial and ‘yo-yo’ dieters, helping them to reach and maintain a healthy weight through developing a better relationship with food and with themselves.

In addition to her personal experience, Claire has decades of professional experience in the field of healthcare management and working with people to solve problems. After overcoming it once and for all she turned her passion and experience to helping others to overcome their battles too. She left her 20 year NHS career, retrained in the areas of life coaching, nutrition, personal training, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in order to provide a holistic and tailored service to her clients. Her mission is to help as many people as possible to recognise and harness the power that they have within themselves to manage their weight well for life, being healthy in both mind and body, whilst navigating today’s high-calorie society. She is passionate abut helping those who cannot afford 1:1 services and so has developed a range of services to suit all budgets including publishing her own book, ‘How to Eat Less’, which can be found on Amazon.

Claire lives in Dover, Kent, in the UK with her husband and their dog and cat, their children having grown up and left home in recent years. When not at work, Claire can be found walking her dog, training for a marathon, or tending to her collection of 32 tarantulas!

Claire can be contacted at:

Tel: 07761422647

Or complete the contact page:

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