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YourOneLife Framework for Successful Weight Loss™

My unique approach is to work around your life, not around a set plan.

I developed the YourOneLife Framework for Successful Weight Loss to help people to determine where they need to focus their attention in order to manage their weight well for life. I consider it vital that all elements of the Framework are in place and working in harmony for us to be successful.

If something is missing we will always struggle. Each of us will have different strengths and weaknesses. All areas are important to work through but by knowing where we are individually against each area, we can then prioritise working more intensively on those areas. We review it at regular intervals to make sure we are focussing on the things you need.

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To find out about how my approach works in practice, watch this video of me being interviewed by one of my Programme graduates, Luna, who came to me when she was on an uncontrolled spiral of weight gain and who realised that if she didn’t do something now, she was destined for a future of being overweight and unhealthy.

I’m pleased to say we soon turned that around for her.

We build up the layers, in order, working through various mindset exercises as we go, so that eventually you have a complete system, that you can use to apply to your weight loss journey, and a toolbox complete with various tools that you can use to keep you on track when it gets tough. It’s also helpful to apply in other areas of your life too.

This is the general process that we will follow, but the key really is in the IMPLEMENTATION. I can guide you and support you, but you will still need to do the work.

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Motivation and Commitment

  • Develop a long term vision, and find out why you want it

  • Find out whether it’s what you really want

  • Find out how much you want it

  • Find out what’s been holding you back

  • Find out how to increase your motivation and commitment

  • Learn the difference between motivation, willpower and discipline, and when and how to use them.

Self-belief and confidence

  • Build on previous experience of what has worked for you.

  • Recognise your current strengths

  • Learn how to build new ones

  • Learn how to apply them to your weight loss journey and stop sabotaging your efforts

  • Recognise and develop your sense of self-worth

Ownership and Responsibility

  • Recognise that YOU are in the driving seat

  • Recognise emotional eating

  • Recognising your triggers and pitfalls when it comes to food, sticking to a regime etc

  • Learn how to sit with uncomfortable feelings

  • Learn how to make trade-offs and compromise

  • Develop ways to stay accountable without getting emotional

Knowledge, Skills and Tools

  • Recognise your current strengths

  • You as a project: learn how to plan, and put the right structures and support mechanisms in place for you

  • Improve knowledge of how weight loss works

  • Improve knowledge and skills around healthy eating

  • Learn top tips for reducing food intake without dieting
  • Learn how to get the best out of fitness gadgets
  • Understand the role of exercise in relation to weight loss

Bringing it all together; goal setting and making plans

  • Understand the pros and cons of different weight loss approaches

  • Choose the right approach for you

  • Understand the importance of flexibility

  • Set realistic goals (not idealistic ones)

  • Make your plans

I cover the framework in detail in my Preparing for Successful Weight Loss e-book, taking readers through it, but the key really is in the IMPLEMENTATION. That’s where having coaching and support can help, either 1:1 or in a community like my Accountability Club. The idea is that it is used as a manual, not something to be read once and put away, as in order to be successful, we have to keep working at it, and not get complacent. Just like going to the gym we wouldn’t expect to be fit and strong after one or a few sessions, this is a workout plan for your mind that you have to commit to on an ongoing basis. Trust me, it’s worth it because this is what will change your behaviour for the long term.

Some of those who have bought my e-book have found that it’s been enough, but for others it’s the support they get to work through what’s in it, and being held to account, that makes the difference. I can work with you at a conscious level, going through the mindset exercises, but I can also employ various techniques including hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming, (NLP) to help you control and harness your emotional brain, if you’re having trouble getting it on board and continue to self-sabotage.

I offer various bespoke packages to fit with people’s needs, time and budgets

If you want to get a taster of what it’s like to work with me without spending any money, why not come along and join the YourOneLife Healthy Weight Solutions Group.

Here’s the welcome video you will see when you join the group. Take a look.

Claire Jones is an innovative, award-winning Weight Management Expert and a Successful Weight Loss Author, having been able to maintain a healthy weight for over a decade after overcoming 25 years of yo-yo dieting.

Using her unique framework, she exercises people’s minds for weight loss, with a focus particularly on long term serial and ‘yo-yo’ dieters, helping them to reach and maintain a healthy weight through developing a better relationship with food and with themselves.

In addition to her personal experience, Claire has decades of professional experience in the field of healthcare management and working with people to solve problems. After overcoming it once and for all she turned her passion and experience to helping others to overcome their battles too. She left her 20 year NHS career, retrained in the areas of life coaching, nutrition, personal training, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in order to provide a holistic and tailored service to her clients. Her mission is to help as many people as possible to recognise and harness the power that they have within themselves to manage their weight well for life, being healthy in both mind and body, whilst navigating today’s high-calorie society. She is passionate abut helping those who cannot afford 1:1 services and so has developed a range of services to suit all budgets including publishing her own book, ‘How to Eat Less’, which can be found on Amazon.

Claire lives in Dover, Kent, in the UK with her husband and their dog and cat, their children having grown up and left home in recent years. When not at work, Claire can be found walking her dog, training for a marathon, or tending to her collection of 32 tarantulas!

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