My Story

I smile in the picture in the red blouse but inside I was very unhappy and felt unhealthy and nothing I tried worked in the long run

Ever since I was a child I struggled with my weight and also took up smoking as a teenager, and both ruled my life for over 20 years. I remember how miserable I was, and thought I could never do anything about it. I tried numerous times to stop smoking, and spent so many years gaining and losing the same 3 stone, if not more. Nothing ever seemed to work in the long term, and my eating habits were not at all aligned with my desire to be a healthy weight, and to look and feel better about myself. I really did want to have my cake and eat it and had a very unhealthy relationship with food.

​I was uncomfortable physically and unhappy mentally and had lost all belief and confidence in myself. Yet I knew that if I carried on I would be shortening my life and increasing the likelihood of being very unwell in my later years. Hitting my mid-thirties, with 40 around the next corner, made me acutely aware of this, especially as I found myself getting lots of aches and pains and a nasty cough that wouldn’t go away. So something HAD to change!

I finally realised that I needed to invest properly in myself if I wanted anything to change, and also that I had to transform my mindset, and make changes at a fundamental level, not just at the surface. I needed to change the pattern of behaviour that I had got stuck in.

I found the right solutions for me and started fully living my life. I gained fitness, health and confidence.

Eventually, after a lot of self-help and expert help from various sources, and investing the time and the money in myself and my future, I finally started getting real results.

I learned the value of proper preparation and the importance of developing the right mindset.

I finally stopped smoking.

I finally got my weight under control.

I learned how to enjoy my favourite foods in moderation.

I was no longer stuck in the diet/weight gain cycle.

I gained a whole new lease of life.

I have since run 12 marathons, numerous half marathons, 10ks, a Tough Mudder, and have been weight training for over 8 years. I got so fit and strong that I was able to join the fire service as a part time fire fighter, which I loved, and something which would have been impossible just a few short years earlier.

I had to give up the firefighting in the end as it was no longer compatible with my life due to the hours but it is something I am incredibly proud of having done.

My life became a whole lot more fun and filled with opportunities

My confidence increased enormously and I just felt so much healthier.

I grew in confidence in my career.

I ended up travelling to various places to run races that I otherwise would never have visited, and have even done some modelling, including bodypaint modelling. I would never have had the courage to do that before.

Losing the weight and stopping smoking has opened so many doors for me, including this one of starting my own business to help others…..

I decided I wanted to empower others to fully live their lives too.

In 2016-18 when my father became seriously ill, coming on the back of some health problems of my own, the weight started to creep back on, as I had taken my eye off the ball, and was not looking after myself. However, this was very short-lived and I quickly dealt with it, soon returning to my comfortable weight. It was when this happened that I suddenly realised that I had successfully broken the diet and weight gain cycle, after spending the last few years of being fearful of it, and always expecting that I would return to my former weight at some point.

It was this realisation, coupled with the most incredible gift from my father when he passed away in 2018, that I discovered I had something very special to offer, and needed to turn my attention to helping others who are in the position that I used to be in.

So and after a varied career in the public sector, including being a prison officer, drug and alcohol worker, part time firefighter, a successful 18 year stint as a senior manager in the NHS, and a short spell as a successful part-time Cambridge Weight Plan (now 1:1 Diet) consultant, it was time for me to bring all that experience together with my passion for health and wellbeing, and help others to achieve their potential and break free from the yo-yo diet cycle, as I had been able to do.

So YourOneLife was born. I embarked on a year-long journey to retrain, getting new qualifications, building on the ones I already had, to make sure I could offer the best quality service possible, and since early 2020 I have been helping others to transform how they manage their weight and make the best of their lives.

I now help people to develop the right mindset, knowledge and practical skills to find the right solution for them. I finally feel like I have found my life’s true purpose and my business is my father’s legacy. I am incredibly passionate about what I do, and feel very privileged that I am in a position to be able to help others transform their lives, having transformed my own and knowing what a difference it made to me.

We do only get one life, so let’s all make the best of it.

I can help you find the power within yourself to make the best of YOUR life.

You have the power to change your life! You just might not know it yet. That’s where I can help!

While I appreciate and respect that some people who are overweight feel happy and healthy, there are also many people who are not, and that’s where I can help. It makes me sad that so many people think like I did, that they are stuck with being overweight and can’t do anything about it. This is NOT TRUE!!! You only get one life, it’s YOURS, so let’s work together to make it the best it can be!! What are you waiting for?

The time is going to pass anyway so let me help you to use it wisely and achieve what you want in life.

Click on the links at the bottom of the page to find out all the different ways I can help you become and stay a healthy weight, and all the things that brings you. Let me help you transform your life!

I am very proud to have my story featured in the press.

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