Hypnotherapy with YourOneLife

With Claire Jones

I can help you to unlock the power of your own mind, so that you can take back control of your behaviour, and make the best of your life.

If you are looking for some help to change your stubborn unhelpful behaviours, then hypnotherapy may be what you need.

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Because you only get one life. Let me help you make the best of it.

Hypnotherapy gets great results by relaxing your conscious mind so that your unconscious mind is able to harness your imagination and be more receptive to suggestions I make according to the goals you set, which we will discuss at your first session.

Weight management issues

  • Emotional eating

  • Mindless snacking

  • Portion control

  • Adjusting eating habits

I can also help you with

  • Unwanted habits e.g smoking, nail biting etc

  • Sleep, anxiety, confidence

  • Public speaking, competition/performance nerves

  • Phobias eg spiders, flying etc

“I did it!!!!…I ran a marathon….I had a hypnotherapy session the night before to calm my pre marathon nerves and guess what, well it helped me so much, I ran round quicker than I thought I could. It not only relaxed me and helped me sleep, it helped me today when things got tough. Massive thanks Claire Xx”

Gemma Aylesbury

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Why You Should Choose YourOneLife for your Hypnotherapy

I am an expert in behaviour change with over 20 years’ experience of working with and supporting people in the health and wellness industry. I am a former senior manager and a qualified life coach, personal trainer and hypnotherapist with a diverse range of skills that I can apply as needed to help you make the changes you want to make in your life.

I have devised my own highly effective framework, and my clients’ results speak for themselves.

I also have my own personal experience of behaviour change, having stopped smoking, stopped yo-yo dieting and unhelpful eating behaviours, and overcome a fear of public speaking, a fear of spiders, a lack of confidence and sport performance nerves, so I understand what it’s like to live with these issues and also what’s required to overcome them.

At each appointment I work with you at a conscious level first, taking you through appropriate exercises in the YourOneLife Framework for Success, and then reinforce it with hypnotherapy, to enhance and embed what you want within your subconscious mind, thereby making it much easier for you to change your behaviour for good.

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YourOneLife Framework for Success™

My unique approach is to work around your life, not around a set plan.

I help you to develop the right mindset and provide you with the right knowledge, skills and tools, so that anything you apply them to becomes MUCH easier. I help you solve your own unique weight loss jigsaw puzzle using the YourOneLife Framework for Success™

Find out how I can help you put an end to yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good!

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What Others Say


I can honestly say that working with YourOneLife has changed my life! Sounds dramatic but it has. I have lost 3.5 stone, thrown away my old clothes (that I hated and were not me at all) and for the first time in my life enjoy the food I choose to eat and am in complete control. If you need a jump start and a way of finding your true self, I cannot recommend working with Claire enough.

Gemma Gardner

Claire is great at listening. She is so knowledgeable and I love that she uses personal experience to help others set and manage their personal goals. She’s friendly, easy to talk to and has a real passion when it comes to helping people. I would 100% recommend Claire to anyone.

Rick Jones

Dover, Kent

With Claire’s help I developed a vastly superior understanding of my own bad habits and have beaten them to achieve a better lifestyle. I have now easily maintained my 4 and a half stone weight loss for a year and no longer worry about my health. Claire is a very capable and knowledgeable expert and well worth the self-investment.

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Fees are payable at the time of booking your actual hypnotherapy sessions.

The initial 15-minute consultation is free and you are under no-obligation to sign up to any hypnotherapy until you decide to proceed and to book a hypnotherapy session.

  • ​£110 for a Single session of 90 minutes plus a recording.
  • ​£399 for a Block of 4 x 90 minute sessions plus a recording.
  • ​Fees payable upfront at the time of booking
  • Sessions last 90 minutes.
  • Book a single session or a block of 4.
  • (Initial 15 minute telephone or online consultation is FREE)

The process:

  1. Book your FREE 15 minute online or telephone consultation to have an initial discussion of your issues.
  2. Attend your FREE 15 minute online or telephone consultation.
  3. Book and pay for your single appointment or block of 4.
  4. Attend your appointment (online or face to face as appropriate).

Need something more?

Hypnotherapy is great if there are some specific behaviours to focus on, but if you need more in depth support then 1:1 coaching may be what you need, and we can use hypnotherapy as and when necessary as part of your coaching journey, to reinforce the mindset, knowledge and behaviour changes we are working on.