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I can help you to unlock the power of your own mind, so that you can take back control of your behaviour, and make the best of your life.

If you are looking for some help to change your stubborn unhelpful behaviours, then hypnotherapy may be what you need.

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Because you only get one life. Let me help you make the best of it.

Hypnotherapy gets great results by relaxing your conscious mind so that your unconscious mind is able to harness your imagination and be more receptive to suggestions I make according to the goals you set, which we will discuss at your first session.

Weight management issues

  • Emotional eating

  • Mindless snacking

  • Portion control

  • Adjusting eating habits

I can also help you with

  • Unwanted habits e.g smoking, nail biting etc

  • Sleep, anxiety, confidence

  • Public speaking, competition/performance nerves

  • Phobias eg spiders, flying etc

“I did it!!!!…I ran a marathon….I had a hypnotherapy session the night before to calm my pre marathon nerves and guess what, well it helped me so much, I ran round quicker than I thought I could. It not only relaxed me and helped me sleep, it helped me today when things got tough. Massive thanks Claire Xx”

Gemma Aylesbury

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Why You Should Choose YourOneLife for your Hypnotherapy

I am a highly qualified and experienced expert in behaviour change. I have significantly invested in my training and development and I have over 20 years’ experience of working with and supporting people in the health and wellness industry.  I am a Senior Manager with Chartered Manager status by background, and a qualified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Personal Trainer and Hypnotherapist with a diverse range of skills and tools that I can apply as needed to help you make the changes you want to make in your life.

I have devised my own highly effective framework, and my clients’ results speak for themselves.

I also have my own personal experience of behaviour change over many years, having stopped smoking, stopped yo-yo dieting and unhelpful eating behaviours, and overcome a fear of public speaking, a fear of spiders, a lack of confidence and sport performance nerves, so I understand what it’s like to live with these issues and also what’s required to overcome them.

At each appointment I work with you at a conscious level first, taking you through appropriate exercises in the YourOneLife Framework for Success, and then reinforce it with hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, to enhance and embed what you want within your subconscious mind, thereby making it much easier for you to change your behaviour for good.

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Find out how Hypnotherapy with YourOneLife may be able to help you.

If Hypnotherapy is not suitable for you, there are other effective approaches we can use, according to your needs and budget.    

YourOneLife Framework for Success™

My unique approach is to work around your life, not around a set plan.

I help you to develop the right understanding of your behaviour, develop the right mindset and provide you with the right knowledge, skills and tools, so that anything you apply them to becomes MUCH easier. I help you solve your own unique weight loss jigsaw puzzle using the YourOneLife Framework for Success™

Find out how I can help you put an end to yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good!

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What Others Say


After just my first hypnotherapy session with Claire I experienced positive effects on my eating behaviour. The suggestions made by Claire during the session impacted immediately on the size of the portions I ate and this positive effect has continued since. I am delighted with this progress and highly recommend Claire’s work in all respects. Thank you, Claire.



I was very nervous and stressed about an upcoming interview, so I had some hypnotherapy with Claire to help ground me, whilst maintaining my focus. I listened to the session every night and used the techniques moments before I was called in for the interview – which I truly believe helped me to remain calm but determined – would highly recommend! (PS I got the job!)

Gemma Gardner


To be honest I always thought hypnotherapy was a load of nonsense. Growing up, I watched those TV shows where people got ‘put under’ and then got told to do silly things, was it real or were they actors and getting paid? Either way I didn’t want someone putting me under and not being in control of my body. However knowing Claire and the amazing work she does, I decided to give it a try to help me with my pre-marathon nerves. Claire started the session by explaining to me exactly what was going to happen and completely put me at ease. I was in control during the whole session and I just felt incredibly relaxed. After the session, I wasn’t sure whether it was going to work but I know I had a really peaceful night instead of a restless one. I woke feeling relaxed, confident, excited and yes I still had nerves but not crippling ones that would impact my performance. During the most difficult times of those 26.2 miles and when I needed to calm myself, I used the anchor which we discussed during the session and I could visualise myself crossing that finish line. Not only did I complete my first marathon, I actually enjoyed it and managed to finish it in under 5 hours. Before the session, I told Claire I had hoped to finish in under 5 hrs 30. I can’t believe what a difference one session of hypnotherapy made but believe me it did! So if you struggle with any of the following, I would 100% recommend Claire and hypnotherapy.


Elaine Ellender


Struggling with my eating habits I had a hypnotherapy session with Claire. She immediately put me at my ease and was professional but her caring nature shone through. The script was clearly tailored to my needs and Claire recorded the session so I could listen again to keep it fresh in my mind.
I am 100% confident in recommending Claire and her services she has followed up several times to make sure everything is going well . A totally great experience for me.

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What are the Fees?

The initial 15-minute consultation is free and you are under no-obligation to sign up to any hypnotherapy until you decide to proceed and to book a hypnotherapy session. Book your FREE initial no-obligation consultation using the calendar below. 

My typical fees, which include preparation time and follow-up, are:

  • ​£110 for a single session of up to 90 minutes plus a recording.
  • ​£399 for a package of 4 x 60-90 minute sessions plus a recording (other packages can be agreed).
  • £495 for a half-day Rapid Breakthrough session incorporating a variety of techniques, including hypnotherapy, NLP techniques and coaching , to resolve the issue once and for all. This is ideal for smoking or fears and phobias.

My fees reflect my experience and the level of investment I have made in my training and development and so you can be assured you will receive best value from the investment you make towards achieving your goals.

Fees are payable at the time of booking your hypnotherapy. The package we agree will be bespoke to you. The fees above are a guide.

My mission is to help as many people as possible, and so I provide discounts and special offers on a case by case basis. Contact me for details. 

However, I understand that this may not be within the reach of everyone, which is why I have created other options for weight loss and weight management, to suit all budgets.

So why not look at my free and low cost resources such as signing up to my mailing list to get regular tips, joining my free Facebook Group for community support or joining my lower cost Accountability Club where I can offer services on a group basis to make them more affordable

However, when it comes to the cost….

Don’t think PRICE, think VALUE!

When considering the price I would urge you NOT to look at it at face value.  If you truly want to resolve your issues, and want a quality service, this will require investment of both money and time.

When you work with me you don’t just get an hour or 90 minutes of my time. You get thorough preparation so that I can fully understand your issues. You get support as and when you need it, between your sessions. I am here for you when you need me, cheerleading for you, and helping you through tricky situations. How much is that worth?

I would encourage you to think about the long term value you will gain from no longer having to deal with the issues you want to resolve. It is an investment in yourself and your future. How much is dealing with this problem worth to you?

Also think about the equivalent cost of something that is currently taking you away from where you want to be, what you have already been spending on it, and what savings that could represent to you in a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, and beyond. Eg, cigarettes, takeaways, snacks, etc. Or how much the stress of the issue costs you in other ways. Getting rid of the stress, anxiety and feelings of failure and low self worth is priceless!

In order to help as many people as possible, I offer bespoke packages, and payment options are available. We can discuss this at your FREE consultation.

How many sessions will you need? 

The number of sessions needed varies from person to person. If the issue is minor, a single session may well be enough. However, if it is deep-rooted and/or complex, more sessions are likely to be needed. We will be able to get an idea of this at your FREE initial consultation. The package we agree will be bespoke to you. The packages and fees above are a guide.

All of my packages include the following:

    • Thorough preparation for your session to ensure it is tailored to your needs
    • A free audio recording to the value of £29
    • Bespoke sessions designed to meet your individual needs
    • Support between sessions through the YourOneLife Accountability Portal
    • Free access to useful resources
    • Bespoke recordings can be made for you at a cost of £49.
    • If your issue is related to weight management, you will also benefit from complimentary Accountability Club membership at Silver level all the time you are receiving Hypnotherapy with YourOneLife.

The steps you will take:

  1. Book your FREE 15 minute online or telephone consultation to have an initial discussion of your issues.
  2. Attend your FREE 15 minute online or telephone consultation.
  3. Book and pay for your single appointment or package as agreed.
  4. Complete and submit your hypnotherapy pre-session questionnaire
  5. Attend your appointment(s) (online or face to face as appropriate).

Need something more?

Hypnotherapy is great if there are some specific behaviours to focus on, but if you need more in depth support then 1:1 coaching may be what you need, and we can use hypnotherapy as and when necessary as part of your coaching journey, to reinforce the mindset, knowledge and behaviour changes we are working on.

Claire Jones is an innovative, award-winning Weight Management Expert and a Successful Weight Loss Author, having been able to maintain a healthy weight for over a decade after overcoming 25 years of yo-yo dieting.

Using her unique framework, she exercises people’s minds for weight loss, with a focus particularly on long term serial and ‘yo-yo’ dieters, helping them to reach and maintain a healthy weight through developing a better relationship with food and with themselves.

In addition to her personal experience, Claire has decades of professional experience in the field of healthcare management and working with people to solve problems. After overcoming it once and for all she turned her passion and experience to helping others to overcome their battles too. She left her 20 year NHS career, retrained in the areas of life coaching, nutrition, personal training, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in order to provide a holistic and tailored service to her clients. Her mission is to help as many people as possible to recognise and harness the power that they have within themselves to manage their weight well for life, being healthy in both mind and body, whilst navigating today’s high-calorie society. She is passionate abut helping those who cannot afford 1:1 services and so has developed a range of services to suit all budgets including publishing her own book, ‘How to Eat Less’, which can be found on Amazon.

Claire lives in Dover, Kent, in the UK with her husband and their dog and cat, their children having grown up and left home in recent years. When not at work, Claire can be found walking her dog, training for a marathon, or tending to her collection of 32 tarantulas!

Claire can be contacted at:


Tel: 07761422647

Or complete the contact page:

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