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Discover how to put all the right jigsaw pieces in place for long term   success.  

the e-book

*exceptions apply, see bottom of page for details 

I'm Claire Jones, former long-time yo-yo dieter turned Weight Loss Coach. I wrote Preparing for Weight Loss because I wanted to share how I overcame my struggles with my weight and learned to leave yo-yo dieting behind, so that I can help you to overcome your struggles with your weight too. I've kept my weight under control for 10 years now. You can read about my story here

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Preparing for Weight Loss is a handy weight loss guide, manual and workbook, to support you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER weight loss. You can download it immediately after purchase, and get started straight away. 

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Preparing for Weight Loss is an easy to read, 84-page instant download where you will learn...

  • The reasons why it's so difficult for YOU to lose weight and how you can overcome them by changing your mindset and your attitude.

  • The real reasons why YOU want to lose weight and how you can stay focussed on them in order to successfully navigate life's inevitable obstacles, so they no longer derail your weight loss efforts.  

  • How to set realistic goals, and get rid of idealistic ones, taking the pressure off yourself. 

  • How to pay more attention to what drives YOUR behaviour around food and how to take back control. 

  • The reasons why YOU self-sabotage and how to stop yourself in your tracks, and start believing in yourself.

  • Where secret calories may be hiding and how to stop them getting in the way of your results.  

  • Which weight loss approach is right for YOU, taking into account your personality, your preferences and your life. 


Meet Claire...

This e-book contains almost everything that I go through on the Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Course, including the secrets of my success in losing weight and keeping it off for the last 10 years. 

I was a typical yo-yo dieter from my early teens until my mid-30s, with an appalling relationship with food and with myself. But once I found the right pieces to complete my jigsaw puzzle, suddenly it became so much easier, and I have never looked back. And now I can help you complete yours. 


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Karla, Dover

It's full of useful ways to reset your thinking around food. I didn't realise until I read this how unsupportive of myself I am.

Barbara, France

Never have I come across this approach, which is actually getting to the real nub of what's going on.

 Anna, London 

I've read some other weight loss guides and this is really up there with them.This is going to be a pocket guide I use for life!.

Jane, France

This has helped my mindset, changed my relationship with food and put me on a journey of taking care and loving myself again.


Who this e-book is for, and who it's NOT for

This e-book does not provide you with a done-for-you solution as I don't believe one exists. No matter what approach we choose, we still have to own and take responsibility for our weight management and work at it.


Instead it contains information and activities that help you to explore and think deeply about what gets in the way of you losing or maintaining your weight, and learn new knowledge and skills, so that you are guided to your OWN solution, one that fits with your life, your preferences and your personality, and helps you to change what you really want. This can be quite a challenging, but very worthwhile, process. 


It is therefore NOT suitable for you if you have a history of eating disorders, significant or unresolved trauma or an active mental health problem that is not well-controlled, as you may need more than the self-help support that this e-book provides, and working through the activities could trigger symptoms.


Please ensure you seek support should you find that you need it. 



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