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I'm Claire Jones, former long-time yo-yo dieter turned Weight Loss Coach. I wrote How to Eat Less  because I wanted to share the ways that I have kept my weight under control for the last decade, so that I can help you to keep your weight under control too. You can read about my story here.


I remember how hard it used to be, always feeling in conflict; feeling driven to eat too much, at the same time as wanting to lose weight and be comfortable and healthy.  I just didn't know how to manage myself around food.   

But eventually, with help, I figured it out, got on top of my behaviour once and for all, and now I have been a healthy weight for 10 years. A crucial part of my journey was to break old habits and create new ones, as well as get better at listening to my body. How to Eat Less contains the day-to-day, simple, practical things that I have found to be the most effective, and how I still apply them to manage my weight to this day. I am sharing them in order to help other people who are struggling like I used to struggle. People like you. 

How to Eat Less is a handy guide to help you safely eat less if:

  • you are not ready, willing or able to go on a diet, but want to get better control over your eating;

  • you want to cut down a bit and make some improvements to what you eat; or 

  • you have lost weight and want to keep it off.

Success lies in not just WHAT and HOW MUCH we eat, but also HOW we eat. So by making a few simple changes it is possible to get results without trying too hard.


How to Eat Less is an easy to read guide available in a variety of formats, where you will learn...

  • How to overcome mindless that you don't end up eating more than you realise.  

  • How to manage your portion sizes... so that you can eat to satisfaction without overeating.  

  • How to consume less energy but without getting too hungry... so that you can stay in control.  

  • How to eat according to what your body needs, not what your mind wants... so that you are eating for the right reasons. 

  • How to gain more control over your eating... so that it doesn't feel like such an effort all the time to do the right things. 

  • Where secret calories may be hiding... so you can stop them getting in the way of your results.  

 Success Story 

These pictures are of my husband, Rick. He reached his heaviest in 2019 due to his less-than-healthy eating habits including mindless snacking and excessive portion sizes. This left him feeling tired and sluggish, and more worryingly he had developed high blood pressure. He also snored a lot!.

The right-hand picture was taken after he had lost 4 and a half stone with my support. He didn't want to diet, so I introduced him to the tips that I describe in How to Eat Less and he has so far successfully maintained his loss for over 6 months by continuing to follow them, and in his words, without any effort.


He has transformed his eating behaviours, his health and his life! His blood pressure quickly returned to normal, he has more energy, and he no longer snores at all! 


Disclaimer: results may vary 

If you have trouble with snacking and portion control I am confident that How to Eat Less will help you to get on top of your eating behaviours and transform your life too.

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Emma, Ashford 

It's fantastic, I love all the tips. A few I knew but then as I read your explanations for each tip it made them seem more achievable. 

 Dave, Maidstone 

It all makes sense to me, easy to read and absorb. 

Barbara, France

I'm already implementing your suggestions and feeling so much more in control 


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