How hypnotherapy for weight loss works

With Claire Jones

If you’ve never considered hypnotherapy as a tool for weight loss, then now is the time to rethink your options. Hypnotherapy is a surprisingly effect way of changing your behaviours, so that you are better able to choose foods and activities that will push you closer to your goal. It relaxes the mind, leaving it open to new ideas and suggestions, enabling you to change your mental perception of foods and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

So if you are struggling with avoiding the biscuit tin, or you need a motivational boost to hit the gym, there are few things more effective than hypnosis.

How to Book Your Hypnotherapy Session

Prior to booking your first session we’ll have a chat on the phone at no cost or obligation to you. I’ll listen to you talking about your problem and together we will explore it, and decide whether hypnotherapy is suitable for you. I will provide you with information about what to expect. If we decide to go ahead, we will arrange your first appointment. This is usually online, but I can also arrange in-person sessions at The Wellness Clinic, Hawkinge, Kent if you are local to the area.

Once you have booked and paid for your appointment, you will be asked to fill out an electronic form, putting in your own words what your issues are, and asking you some questions that will enable me to construct the most personalized, relaxing and helpful experience for you. I take then messages about what you have told me with your conscious mind that you want, and use them to construct a session where I will deliver them to your subconscious mind, so that they work together instead of in opposition.

What Will Happen In Your Hypnotherapy Session?

At your first session we will have a discussion and a review of your personal goals. At each appointment I work with you at a conscious level first, taking you through appropriate exercises in the YourOneLife Framework for Success, and then reinforce it with hypnotherapy, to enhance and embed what you want within your subconscious mind, thereby making it much easier for you to change your behaviour for good.

I encourage you to be in a place where you cannot be disturbed during the session, have visited the loo, have turned off any distractions and have some warm clothes or a blanket, and are able to rest comfortably with your head and body well supported in a chair or on a bed or couch.

Prior to starting the session we will recap on the process, and make sure you still want to do it. You will be reassured that you will retain full control of your body and mind throughout the session.

When it is time for the hypnosis to begin, I will start talking in a slow, soothing voice that will help to relax both your mind and your body. It is important that you accept this and do not try to fight it but instead allow your body to embrace the feelings of calm and relaxation, as it will only work if you want it to work.

Once you have reached the state of mind where hypnosis is effective, I will start talking to your subconscious mind, to deliver those messages from your conscious mind. Those messages will be around the goals you have set, and the things you must do to get there. Your subconscious mind is now ready to accept these messages.

I will repeat certain words and phrases to help your subconscious mind to understand their importance. I may also encourage you to visualise certain situations, so that you no longer find unhealthier foods so desirable, for example, and have renewed your desire for healthier ones. I may also incorporate Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques within the sessions, to enhance the power of your imagination to change your behaviour.

What Will Happen After Your Hypnotherapy Session?

At the end of the session I will guide you back to full, waking consciousness. This may happen instantly or it may take a few minutes.

You will be sent a recording of the session that you can use – I recommend you listen to it frequently as while hypnotherapy is helpful, it is not going to solve the problem by magic. You will still need to make a conscious effort to embed the messages by listening to it regularly, and to reinforce it with the exercises I give you.

Some people might feel confident in changing their behaviour after just one session, while others may need a few more. It really depends on many factors. Everyone is different and so everyone’s treatment plan will be unique to them.

Hypnotherapy with Your One Life

My name is Claire Jones, and I will be your hypnotherapist if you choose to book with YourOneLife. I have over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, helping people to manage themselves and change their behaviour. While weight loss is my specialty, I can also use hypnotherapy to help you with other things such as confidence for job interviews or sports competitions, or with managing anxiety or stopping smoking. So, you know you are in good hands.

In my opinion, while hypnotherapy is effective, (as long as you have an open mind to it of course), it is far more effective when included as part of a holistic package of behaviour change especially if you have long standing and/or complex relationship with food and history of weight problems. 

My highly effective YourOneLife Framework for Success has helped many people to overcome their weight loss obstacles. I encourage potential clients to book a free 15-minute discovery call before committing to hypnotherapy or any other service with me. 

This is to discuss exactly what it is that you are hoping to achieve and to ensure that you will be receptive to the methods that I use. It is also important to discover any contraindications to hypnotherapy and also whether another of my services may be more appropriate for you. 

My approach is very unique, but it works!

If you need a little extra help with refocusing your mindset and increasing your motivation, hypnotherapy might be exactly what you are looking for.

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