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Who am I and what can I do for you?

My name is Claire and I'm a qualified weight loss coach and personal trainer, specialising in helping people put an end to yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good! But I don't give you meal plans or exercise plans.... 








YourOneLife is the service you didn’t know you needed, but now you do, you’ll never want to lose weight without it !! 


The key to my approach is helping you develop the right mindset and giving you the right knowledge, skills and tools, so that anything you apply them to becomes MUCH easier. I help you solve your own unique weight loss jigsaw puzzle using the YourOneLife Framework for Success©. 










You can work with me in a variety of ways. I have something to suit EVERY budget: 

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  • 1:1 online weight loss and weight management coaching (this can also incorporate elements of Personal Training as appropriate).

I have a unique approach that will make you think differently about weight loss and weight control, and piece together the right solution for you to be able to lose weight and keep it off for good. I understand how difficult it is when you're busy and juggling work and family and struggle to put yourself first. My approach is tailored specifically to YOU, according to what YOU need to help you to get the most out of your life. I know it works because I did it myself! Read my blog  and my story to find out more. 















When it comes to which method to follow to lose weight or control weight, I am completely neutral and will support any choice of programme you might choose to follow, as long as it is safe for you do to so, as my approach works alongside almost all conventional, well-known diet plans. I can also help you to choose which approach is best suited to you. Equally, if you've already lost weight but are worried about putting it back on, I can help with this too. 

If you don't want to follow one of the well-known programmes, I can also support you with my own habit-based approach to nutrition and exercise. Here there are no rigid plans to follow, no products to buy, no meal plans to prepare, and no forbidden foods. Everything I do is tailored to you. Some people find those approaches really helpful and others don't and that's ok - the key is finding the right programme for you.  

Whatever approach you choose to follow, I will help you to achieve a healthy mindset towards food, activity and weight control, so you WILL succeed no matter what is going on around you. Your weight does not exist in a vacuum, and my approach takes a holistic view of your life and empowers you to take control. You will be amazed at how other areas of your life will also benefit from this. 


Losing weight and bringing it permanently under your control can truly TRANSFORM your life and help to safeguard your future health! It's a very worrying time right now, and there is no doubt that being overweight greatly increases the risk of complications from COVID-19. Can you afford to get seriously ill? Can your family afford for you to get seriously ill? The time is NOW to do something about it. 

Your Weight Loss Jigsaw Puzzle

We are all unique. I help you to work out why you have not succeeded in the past, and help you put all the pieces together to solve your very own unique jigsaw puzzle. Once it's complete you will give yourself the best chance of losing weight and keeping it off! Contact me to start working on YOUR puzzle! 












The key to success in my approach is helping you work out what's important to you, what works for you and what you enjoy, what your strengths are and what changes you can make that are therefore sustainable for YOUR life.  And walking beside you as you make those changes, cheering you on and holding you accountable. Celebrating your successes with you. And there will be many along the way. You will be amazed at what you can achieve with the right attitude, support and tools. 

How much is a lifetime of being a healthy weight worth to you? 

We think nothing of spending money on gadgets, makeup or handbags we don't use, shoes and clothes we don't wear, gym memberships and other subscriptions that we don't use, so why not spend it instead on investing in yourself with coaching  or by doing my Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Course? You'll be glad that you did, and I will hold you to account. There's a reason why airline cabin crew tell you in the safety briefing to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others! Think about it!

Seeking coaching is NOT an admission of failure! It's recognition that you deserve more out of your life!

The world's most successful people do not do it all by themselves! They are successful because they have a vision, and a whole team of people around them to help them achieve it, and almost certainly a coach! Getting some outside help to unlock your potential and keep you accountable is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones, as if you are able to overcome the things that are holding you back, you will be more successful generally in everything that you do. Everyone should be able to access coaching. Even coaches - yes I have a coach!  

Coaching helps you get sustainable results! Yes, even by working with you online! It doesn't matter where you are! 


I take a holistic approach, looking at your whole life. Often weight gain or an inability to lose it is due to other things going on, and by helping you make changes in those areas, suddenly the weight loss becomes possible. Equally losing the weight can enhance other areas of your life.


Tackling what we eat is the biggest influence in weight management so even if you can't be very active due to health conditions or a disability, being overweight is not inevitable. I can show you how.

Why not read my story and find out why I decided to start YourOneLife.

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Get in touch - contact me on claire@youronelife.co.uk. I look forward to working with you!

Claire x

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Me before and after weight loss

Professional Body Memberships 

I am a Fellow Member of the ACCPH, an independent professional body and register for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. I am also a member of the Association for Coaching and the Register of Exercise Professionals. So you can be assured of a high quality service working within safe and ethical frameworks.  

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