Ends Monday 29th November

Christmas Survival Programme

Prevent Uncontrolled Weight Gain Over Christmas

without giving up your favourite foods

With Claire Jones

Give yourself the best Christmas present

This online programme will help you to stay in healthy control over Christmas so you can still enjoy your food and drink but without piling on the pounds.

For serious participants only

Only sign up if you are are prepared to put the time and effort in for the full 2 weeks.

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Does this sound familiar?

I used to love and dread Christmas at the same time. One of the reasons that I loved it was because I could eat unlimited amounts of my favourite foods and drink my favourite drinks, but I was terrified of the inevitable weight gain that would follow, and then spend the next few months trying to lose it, or worse, it would hang around and I’d repeat the cycle the following year, gaining even more weight.

But these days I no longer dread Christmas because I have learned how to maintain healthy control yet still enjoy myself, and now I want to share it with you.

Do my Christmas Survival Programme; less than half an hour a day is all you need to stay on track so that you too can enjoy your Christmas food and drink without having lots of weight gain to deal with afterwards.

  • Do you have a tendency to go overboard at Christmas and think you’ll deal with it afterwards but never do, or hate dealing with the aftermath?

  • Do you want to get through Christmas without putting on loads of weight this time?

Then this is the programme for you!

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Programme cost: £99

You will not be alone; you will get 14 days of support from me.

I will be providing you with a private online support group, daily e-mailings, daily live or recorded videos and twice weekly drop-in online advice clinics with me to see you through successfully. Prize draw for completing all activities.

“Had a lovely Christmas Day…I had a plan and I stuck to it. Thanks for the tips Claire, they really helped.”

– Gemma, December 2020

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Places are limited, so sign up early to secure your place.

Weekly schedule

Week 1

  • Sunday 19th December: Support group opens

  • Monday 20th: Day 1 welcome video, email and first task

  • Tuesday 21st: Day 2 video, email and first online drop-in advice clinic

  • Wednesday 22nd: Day 3 video, email and task 2

  • Thursday 23rd: Day 4 video, email and second online drop-in advice clinic

  • Friday Christmas Eve: Day 5 video, email and task 3

  • Saturday Christmas Day: Day 6 video and email. Merry Christmas!

  • Sunday Boxing Day: Day 7 video and email

Week 2

  • Monday 27th: Day 8 video, email and task 4

  • Tuesday 28th: Day 9 video, email and third online drop in advice clinic

  • Wednesday 29th: Day 10 video, email and task 4

  • Thursday 30th: Day 11 video, email and final online advice clinic

  • Friday New Year’s Eve: Day 12 video, email and task 5

  • Saturday New Year’s Day: Day 13 video and email. Happy New Year!!

  • Sunday 2nd January: Day 14 – final day! Online wrap up party. Prize draw for completing all tasks.

What Others Say

Jane Kelly

I can honestly say that working with YourOneLife has changed my life! Sounds dramatic but it has. I have lost 4 stone, thrown away my old clothes (that I hated and were not me at all) and for the first time in my life enjoy the food I choose to eat and am in complete control. If you need a jump start and a way of finding your true self, I cannot recommend working with Claire enough.

Gemma Gardner

Claire is great at listening. She is so knowledgeable and I love that she uses personal experience to help others set and manage their personal goals. She’s friendly, easy to talk to and has a real passion when it comes to helping people. I would 100% recommend Claire to anyone.

Rick Jones

Dover, Kent

With Claire’s help I developed a vastly superior understanding of my own bad habits and have beaten them to achieve a better lifestyle. I have now easily maintained my 4 and a half stone weight loss for a year and no longer worry about my health. Claire is a very capable and knowledgeable expert and well worth the self-investment.

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  • Places are limited
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Want to get cracking on your weight loss straight after Christmas?

Don’t jump straight into a diet at the beginning of January. Do my Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Programme first.

Weight loss so often fails because we don’t put enough work in before we start, and take time to work out what is right for us.

Do my programme first, so that whatever approach you want to follow, you’re fully equipped and ready, having built all the right foundations so that this time, you go the distance and reach your goal, and know how to keep the weight off.

Runs from Tuesday 5th January – Thursday 3rd February

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After graduation you have three options:


Take what you’ve got and either go it alone or join a structured programme elsewhere, putting into practice everything you have learned with me, so you can stick with it.


Move to 1:1 coaching with me for intensive support with implementing everything you have learned, following the approach of your choice.


Join my low-cost monthly accountability club for group and/or individual support without the 1:1 coaching fees, and following the approach of your choice.

Confused? Not sure what is right for you?

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