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Congratulations on completing the quiz and taking the first step to discover your unique weight management solution!

Your results are in …

  • Before you do anything else you may benefit from working on your Ownership and Responsibility

Your quiz results indicate that you are not yet quite ready to lose weight and that there is some work to do first. The good news is that once you do this work, you will greatly increase your chances of success. It will also help if you have lost weight and are finding it hard to maintain your loss.

Your recommendation ..

Taking into account all your responses I recommend that Ownership and Responsibility is the area of the YourOneLife Framework that needs the most attention from you if you want to succeed long term with your weight loss..

I developed the YourOneLife Framework for Success to help people to determine where they need to focus their attention in order to manage their weight well for life.

You can read more about the YourOneLife Framework for Success here or scroll on for some FREE tips to help get you started.

YourOneLife Framework for Success™

I help you to develop the right mindset and provide you with the right knowledge, skills and tools, so that anything you apply them to becomes MUCH easier. I help you solve your own unique weight loss jigsaw puzzle using the YourOneLife Framework for Success™

I consider it vital that all elements of the Framework are in place and working in harmony for us to be successful.

If something is missing we will always struggle.

Each of us will have different strengths and weaknesses.

All areas are important to work through but knowing where we are individually against each area, we can then prioritise working more intensively on those areas that we are aware we struggle with the most.

So I developed this quiz to make sure we are focussing properly on the things YOU need.

Your quiz results indicate that you need to work the most on your Ownership and Responsibility for your reasons for your current weight.

If we do not fully accept responsibility for our behaviour around food, we take away our power to make changes. By owning our behaviour, and looking and what we CAN do, we give ourselves back the power to do what it takes to get results.

According to your responses, this is the first area you need to prioritise if you are to succeed in the long run. The good news is, there is much you can do to help yourself to improve your sense of ownership and responsibility for your behaviour.

“Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results.”

– James Clear

3 Easy tips for getting and staying motivated:

1. Pay attention to what is driving your decision-making. What is your inner voice saying? Can you challenge it?

2. Keep a journal or diary to record your daily thoughts, feelings and activities, so you can spot trends and patterns, and make better decisions as a result

3. Become more solution-focussed…. think about what you CAN do rather than what you can’t.

Ready to get to work?

Download my Preparing for Successful Weight Loss e-book for just £9.99 and get started straight away.

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But who am I to tell you this?

Read on to find out…

I’m Claire Jones

I’m THE Life Coach and Personal Trainer famous for getting you to work harder on your mind than on your body, thereby preparing you for SUCCESSFUL and LASTING weight loss.

I exercise your mind for weight loss.

It doesn’t matter which weight loss approach you prefer.

My methods work alongside them, enhancing your results!

I don’t focus on meal plans or exercise plans. You are free to choose what you like as long as it’s healthy and safe. While I will guide you with what to eat and what exercise to do, and hold you accountable, our time is mainly spent on developing your mindset muscles, to help you to:

Understand what works for you (and what doesn’t!)

Learn what approaches fit best within your life

Dispel myths and overcome unhelpful habits and beliefs

Build the right mindset, knowledge and skills for successful and lasting weight loss

… so that you can keep going no matter what life throws at you and manage your weight safely and effectively both now and in the future.

There is something to suit every budget.

Want to get to work on your weight management using the YourOneLife Framework for Success?

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation with me to find out more about my services and how I can help you.

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Online via Zoom, or over the telephone.

Preparing for Successful Weight Loss – the e-Book (Instant Download)


  • Want to lose weight but can’t get started? Or lose it but always regain it?
  • Struggling with willpower or motivation to keep consistent?
  • Lost faith in yourself that you can ever lose weight?
  • Not sure what to do?
  • Then this is the book for you!

For less than the price of a takeaway you can start to uncover what’s holding you back from losing weight and take steps to transform your life!

It’s a no brainer!



Based on my highly successful course, if you follow everything in this e-book you will greatly enhance your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. It goes through all the steps you need, taking you through the YourOneLife Framework for Success.

What’s in the book?

Motivation and Commitment

  • Develop a long term vision, and find out why you want it
  • Find out whether it’s what you really want
  • Find out how much you want it
  • Find out what’s been holding you back
  • Find out how to increase your motivation and commitment
  • Learn the difference between motivation, willpower and discipline, and when and how to use them.

Self-belief and confidence

  • Build on previous experience of what has worked for you.
  • Recognise your current strengths
  • Learn how to build new ones
  • Learn how to apply them to your weight loss journey and stop sabotaging your efforts

Ownership and Responsibility

  • Recognise that YOU are in the driving seat
  • Recognise emotional eating
  • Recognising your triggers and pitfalls when it comes to food, sticking to a regime etc
  • Learn how to sit with uncomfortable feelings
  • Learn how to make trade-offs and compromise
  • Develop ways to stay accountable without getting emotional

Knowledge, Skills and Tools

  • Develop strategies to work through or around obstacles
  • Learn how to plan, and put the right structures and support mechanisms in place for you
  • Improve knowledge of how weight loss works
  • Improve knowledge and skills around healthy eating
  • Learn top tips for reducing food intake without dieting
  • Learn how to get the best out of fitness gadgets
  • Understand the role of exercise in relation to weight loss

Bringing it all together; goal setting and making plans

  • Understand the pros and cons of different weight loss approaches
  • Choose the right approach for you
  • Understand the importance of flexibility
  • Set realistic goals (not idealistic ones)
  • Make your plans

You can print the e-book at home or work through it on your computer or other compatible device. If printing, please bear in mind it is 84 pages long so make sure you have sufficient paper and ink. It is set to print in A4 but you can save paper and ink by printing 2 pages per sheet – if you do this please bear in mind that the text and activity spaces will be much smaller so you may wish to use your own notebook to do the activities. If using it electronically, please note the form filling function works best on a computer.

Also, why not join my Members Club where I run group sessions to help people work through the activities, to ensure you get the best out of them. Check it out!

You may also be interested in the YourOneLife Preparing for Weight Loss Course, which is what the book is based on, and there are different options to suit your budget. You can find out more here.


Please note this e-book is not suitable for you if you have a history of diagnosed eating disorders or significant trauma, or if you have an active mental health problem that is not well-controlled.

Protected by Copyright

Please note this e-book is protected by copyright. The download link is for your use only and the digital file or pages printed may not be shared or copied without the express permission of YourOneLife. Thank you.


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What Others Say

Jane Kelly

I can honestly say that working with YourOneLife has changed my life! Sounds dramatic but it has. I have lost 4 stone, thrown away my old clothes (that I hated and were not me at all) and for the first time in my life enjoy the food I choose to eat and am in complete control. If you need a jump start and a way of finding your true self, I cannot recommend working with Claire enough.

Gemma Gardner

Claire is great at listening. She is so knowledgeable and I love that she uses personal experience to help others set and manage their personal goals. She’s friendly, easy to talk to and has a real passion when it comes to helping people. I would 100% recommend Claire to anyone.

Rick Jones

Dover, Kent

With Claire’s help I developed a vastly superior understanding of my own bad habits and have beaten them to achieve a better lifestyle. I have now easily maintained my 4 and a half stone weight loss for a year and no longer worry about my health. Claire is a very capable and knowledgeable expert and well worth the self-investment.

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