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Janet’s Experience

“I have struggled for over fifty years with my weight. I now feel I have the knowledge and skills to manage my weight; 

I now realise it is your mindset that needs to be worked on first; no diet alone will work!!

I am so grateful that I found Claire and would highly recommend her programmes to anyone who is struggling with their weight!

This is definitely the way forward.”

Why choose me to help you?

I’m one of the UK’s Most Innovative Award-Winning Weight Loss Experts* and a Successful Weight Loss Author, having succeeded on my own weight loss journey. 

I’m THE Life Coach and Personal Trainer famous for getting you to work harder on your mind than on your body, thereby preparing you for SUCCESSFUL and LASTING weight loss.

In addition to my own very personal weight loss journey, I have decades of experience of working with people including empowering them to improve their health and changing their behaviour. I have had varied career in the public sector, including being a prison officer, drug and alcohol worker, part-time firefighter (now retired), and a 20-year career as a senior manager in the NHS.

I have brought all that experience together with my passion for health and wellbeing, and helping others to achieve their potential and break free from the yo-yo diet cycle. Since YourOneLife began in March 2020 I have helped dozens of people to learn better, healthier, more sustainable ways of managing their weight. The number of stones lost continues to grow and successful maintenance stories come in regularly.

Since leaving my full-time NHS Senior Manager role in January 2019  I have undertaken numerous additional training courses and gained additional qualifications and memberships of professional bodies and have a listing on the Life Coaching Directory and the General Hypnotherapy Register.

So you can trust that I know what I am talking about. I have the personal experience, backed up by comprehensive training and experience of empowering many people to improve their lives. 

I can help you to improve your life too.

I’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting for years, after two sessions with Claire I already feel I have structure, realistic goals and a completely different way of approaching my poor eating habits. I feel Claire ‘completely gets me’ and immediately felt safe, comfortable and respected. Thank you Claire – would highly recommend 🙂
Sue Owen.

People come to me because I help them break free from yo-yo and serial dieting, change how they eat, and lose weight for good.

I remember how it felt to have my life dictated by my weight!

But it doesn’t dictate my life anymore!

I’m a bit different from others you might have worked with before.

I don’t give you meal plans or exercise plans….

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Using the YourOneLife Framework for Success, I give you a workout plan for your MIND to help you transform your THINKING, your ATTITUDE and your FEELINGS, teach you new KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS, give you new TOOLS and build your CONFIDENCE so you can properly CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR and choose the RIGHT approach for you.

If you follow what you learn with me, whatever approach you choose to lose weight, you will find it easier to STICK TO IT AND KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF because you’ll change what you want.

You will be more able to live a life free from the constraints of the diet and weight gain cycle, eat in a way that supports your health, and no longer feel guilty about how much you eat or exercise!

About you

Are you fed up with struggling with your weight, like I was? Losing and gaining the same stones or pounds over and over again, and maybe each time it’s a little more than before?

Do you feel you have no control of your eating? Deny yourself things, cut back excessively only to overindulge at the first opportunity. Then feel shame, anger and disgust at yourself for being so greedy, and vow to cut back again tomorrow… only to repeat the pattern over and over.

Are you worried about the toll your weight is having on your health?

Do you hate what you see when you look in the mirror?

Have you lost faith that you will ever be able to manage your weight?


About me

I’m here to help you learn how to manage your weight in a way that is free from guilt, judgment or misery, and that you can stick to for life, with no quick fixes or false promises in sight.

After almost 25 years of yo-yo dieting I finally cracked it, and absolutely transformed my life. I have now kept my weight off for 10 years, and I’ve never been healthier, happier and more comfortable with myself, and that includes how I eat and drink.

If I can do it, so can you! It all starts with being honest, and cultivating the right mindset. I can teach you how, so that you can learn to manage your weight well for the rest of your life…

​Are you ready to fully invest yourself, your time and money into properly doing something about losing weight?

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