Lifestyle coaching 


Empowering you to make positive changes that will help you to feel healthier and happier about yourself and your body and get the results that you want without going on a diet. This can involve identifying what's holding you back, giving you tools and techniques to overcome barriers and holding you accountable to your goals. I can help with:

losing weight,

healthier eating,

getting fitter,

stopping smoking,

sleeping better,

managing stress,

building self-esteem,

building confidence,

managing your spending, 

finding direction,

or anything else in your life that you want to make changes in but are feeling stuck. 


I often find that when clients approach me with one issue, it turns out that the real issue is something else, and I can help with that too. For example, clients sometimes come to me because they want personal training. But what often happens is that before we can get to working on the training, there are other issues that we need to work on first, in order to create the time, space and commitment for the training, so that it can be effective and they stick to it. Or they might come to me with a specific problem they want to solve, and by sorting out that problem the bigger picture suddenly becomes clearer, they realise what is really important to them and they find the energy and enthusiasm to set new and exciting goals they didn't realise they wanted because the problem had been standing in the way. 

Personal Training 

No need to set foot in a gym if you don't want to. I can help you get fitter and more active in the environments that suit you best. Standalone or as part of your overall lifestyle coaching programme.  Face to face or online. (Online only while COVID_19 restrictions are in place) 

Financial Coaching 

Empowering you to feel more responsible with your money and how you use it daily, so it can help you reach your life goals, not hinder them. Standalone or as part of your overall lifestyle coaching programme. 


Starting autumn 2020. Helping you to break habits or deal with phobias that are holding you back from achieving your life goals. Standalone service or part of your lifestyle coaching programme. 

Tel: 07761 422647