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"It's fantastic. I love all the tips. A few I knew but then as I read your explanations for each tip it makes them seem more achievable."

Emma, Ashford. 


I decided to put this e-book together as my Top 10 Tips download has been very popular, and I get asked to talk about it a lot. 


The idea behind these tips is that while weight loss programmes can be very effective in helping you lose weight, doing so requires a degree of commitment and dedication that isn’t always sustainable, or you may not be in the right place mentally for it, so I wanted to have an alternative solution that I could share with you.


In addition, it is important to be able to create sustainable habits in order to be able to keep off any weight lost. Success lies in not just WHAT and HOW MUCH we eat, but also HOW we eat.


For many people, going on a diet or weight loss programme causes feelings of restriction and deprivation, and so I wanted to put something together that would help to avoid that, and to develop and maintain healthier habits, both in attitude and in practical day-to-day behaviour around food. Things that are easy to implement, apply consistently, and also improve understanding about why they are helpful. Implementing them can result in weight loss for some people without even trying to ‘diet’ as they help to reduce how much we eat without trying too hard or feeling in conflict.


They are not new. I do not claim to have thought of them first. But they are what I consider to be the most helpful things that I have undertaken over the last decade that have enabled me to keep control of my behaviour around food, and therefore my weight.


You may already do some of them. Or they may all be new to you. But if you are already doing some of them, are you doing them consistently?


I don’t suggest trying to implement them all at the same time, as to do so is often not helpful - if we try to do everything at once we tend to do none of them very well. It is better to start with one or two that are either the easiest to stick to, or that will have the biggest impact, get really good at doing them consistently, and then build up from there, gradually.


So while you may already have my top tips download I wanted to share with you in more detail how I manage them myself and give you ideas on how you might be able to apply them in your life.


You can choose which ones to work on, print and detach the pages and pin them up where you can refer to them easily.


Following some of these tips were what enabled my husband to lose over 4 stone, and they’re how I’ve kept my weight off for the last decade.


Scroll the pictures to see my husband Rick.  On the left-hand side he was at his heaviest in 2019. He had gained weight slowly over a number of years as a result of developing some less-than-healthy habits including mindless snacking and excessive portion sizes.


Then the picture on the right-hand side was taken after he had lost 4 and a half stone by following some of the tips that I describe in my ebook and has so far successfully maintained his loss for over 6 months by continuing to follow them, and without any effort. He has not followed a 'diet' and has transformed his eating behaviours.


If you have trouble with snacking and portion control I am confident that my e-book will help you to get on top of your eating behaviours too. Buy it now and get started straight away! 

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