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This online programme takes you through everything you need to be successful if you want to lose weight in the New Year.

Warning: This programme could transform your life

For serious participants only, who are fully ready to invest in themselves to make the changes. If you commit to this you must agree to see it through.

Weight loss so often fails because we don’t put enough work in before we start, and take time to work out what is right for us. We need to want to do the actual work that it takes to get the results, or it will be incredibly difficult to succeed.

Do my programme first, so that whatever approach you want to follow to lose weight, you’re fully equipped and ready, having built all the right foundations so that this time, you go the distance and reach your goal, and know how to keep the weight off.

Permanent physical transformations need to start with, continue with and finish with, a mental transformation, as it is our behaviour that leads to our results, and our behaviour is driven by our mindset.

My programme works well to prepare you for all the main weight loss programmes or any DIY healthy eating programme you might choose to follow.

Programme cost: £149

  • Do you want to lose weight in 2022 but are worried that you won’t stick at it, again? Or lose it but always regain it?

  • Are you struggling with willpower or motivation to keep consistent?

  • Have you lost faith in yourself that you can ever lose weight?

  • Not sure what to do?

Then this is the programme for you!

Eight online webinar sessions, two per week, each one costing less than the price of a takeaway for 2, you can start to uncover what’s holding you back from losing weight and take steps to transform your life! The assignments and resources provided are for you to keep for life.

Takes place over 5 weeks, with sessions taking place twice a week in weeks 1-3 and week 5, with week 4 a consolidation week with no sessions, so you have time to revisit all the exercises, and try things out, before setting your goals and making your plans in the final week, with my support.

Programme is supported by access to a private Facebook Group and the YourOneLife Accountability Portal, where you can get support from me and the other participants, and make friends for life.

It’s a no brainer!

“You’ve changed not just my weight, you’ve changed the way I feel on the inside. You’ve changed how I handle anxiety, how my skin is. Everything, every single part of me has changed for the better”

– Luna, October 2021

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To find out about how my approach works in practice, watch this video of me being interviewed by one of my Programme graduates, Luna, who came to me when she was on an uncontrolled spiral of weight gain and who realised that if she didn’t do something now, she was destined for a future of being overweight and unhealthy.

I’m pleased to say we soon turned that around for her.

Weekly schedule

Week 1

Session 1: Motivation and Commitment

  • Develop a long term vision, and find out why you want it

  • Find out whether it’s what you really want

  • Find out how much you want it

  • Find out what’s been holding you back

  • Find out how to increase your motivation and commitment

  • Learn the difference between motivation, willpower and discipline, and when and how to use them

Session 2: Self-belief and confidence

  • Build on previous experience of what has worked for you

  • Recognise your current strengths

  • Learn how to build new ones

  • Learn how to apply them to your weight loss journey and stop sabotaging your efforts

Week 2

Sessions 3 and 4: Ownership and Responsibility

  • Recognise that YOU are in the driving seat

  • Recognise emotional eating

  • Recognising your triggers and pitfalls when it comes to food, sticking to a regime etc

  • Learn how to sit with uncomfortable feelings

  • Learn how to make trade-offs and compromise

  • Develop ways to stay accountable without getting emotional

Week 3

Sessions 5 and 6: Knowledge, Skills and Tools

  • Develop strategies to work through or around obstacles

  • Learn how to plan, and put the right structures and support mechanisms in place for you

  • Improve knowledge of how weight loss works

  • Improve knowledge and skills around healthy eating

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of yourself

  • Learn top tips for reducing food intake without dieting

  • Learn how to get the best out of fitness gadgets

  • Understand the role of exercise in relation to weight loss

Week 4

No sessions. Consolidation week: opportunity to revisit all the mindset exercises.

Practice what you have learned so far, try things out and see what works, and what doesn’t work

Week 5

Sessions 7 and 8: Bringing it all together; goal setting and making plans

  • Reflect on and get feedback on consolidation week

  • Understand the pros and cons of different weight loss approaches

  • Choose the right approach for you

  • Understand the importance of flexibility

  • Set realistic goals (not idealistic ones)

  • Make your plans

If you attend all the sessions and complete all the mindset exercises you will greatly enhance your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. It goes through all the steps you need, taking you through the YourOneLife Framework for Success.

What Others Say

Jane Kelly

I can honestly say that working with YourOneLife has changed my life! Sounds dramatic but it has. I have lost 4 stone, thrown away my old clothes (that I hated and were not me at all) and for the first time in my life enjoy the food I choose to eat and am in complete control. If you need a jump start and a way of finding your true self, I cannot recommend working with Claire enough.

Gemma Gardner

Claire is great at listening. She is so knowledgeable and I love that she uses personal experience to help others set and manage their personal goals. She’s friendly, easy to talk to and has a real passion when it comes to helping people. I would 100% recommend Claire to anyone.

Rick Jones

Dover, Kent

With Claire’s help I developed a vastly superior understanding of my own bad habits and have beaten them to achieve a better lifestyle. I have now easily maintained my 4 and a half stone weight loss for a year and no longer worry about my health. Claire is a very capable and knowledgeable expert and well worth the self-investment.

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  • Places are limited
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Runs from Sunday 19th December – Sunday 2nd January

Providing you with a private support group, daily mailings, daily live/recorded videos and twice weekly drop-in online advice clinics to see you through successfully.

Christmas Survival Programme

After graduation you have three options:


Take what you’ve got and either go it alone or join a structured programme elsewhere, putting into practice everything you have learned with me, so you can stick with it.


Move to 1:1 coaching with me for intensive support with implementing everything you have learned, following the approach of your choice.


Join my low-cost monthly accountability club for group and/or individual support without the 1:1 coaching fees, and following the approach of your choice.

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