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Do You Have Trouble With Snacking or Portion Control? 

Do You Want To Take More Control Over Your Eating 

But Without Too Much Effort?  

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  • have trouble with controlling your portions or snacking?


  • Not sure why you are struggling with your weight?

  • Not ready to or don't want to go on a diet?  


  • Lost weight but worry about putting it back on? 

Then this e-book WILL help you as it takes you through simple, practical ways to eat less without having to follow a diet. 

Success lies in not just WHAT and HOW MUCH we eat, but also HOW we eat.

So by making a few simple changes it's possible to get results without trying too hard.

My husband lost over 4 stone this way. 


This is how I’ve kept my weight off for the last decade.


My clients get great results this way.  

You don’t have to do them all. You can choose which ones to work on that will make the biggest difference for you. 

You can print and detach the pages and pin them up where you can refer to them easily.

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Click here to buy now for just £5.99

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Eating Less Without Dieting ebook
 Success Story 

These pictures are of my husband, Rick. He reached his heaviest in 2019 due to his less-than-healthy eating habits including mindless snacking and excessive portion sizes. This left him feeling tired and sluggish, and more worryingly he had developed high blood pressure. He also snored a lot!.

The right-hand picture was taken after he had lost 4 and a half stone with my support. He didn't want to diet, so I introduced him to the tips that I describe in my e-book and he has so far successfully maintained his loss for over 6 months by continuing to follow them, and in his words, without any effort.


He has transformed his eating behaviours, his health and his life! His blood pressure quickly returned to normal, he has more energy, and he no longer snores at all! 


If you have trouble with snacking and portion control I am confident that my e-book will help you to get on top of your eating behaviours and transform your life too.


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Disclaimer: results may vary 

Click here to buy now for just £5.99

and download instantly.

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