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Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Course © ***RECOMMENDED***

So you've been thinking about losing weight. That's wonderful!! This 8-session course is JUST what you need!!! It takes you through all the steps required in for successful weight loss. The sessions are 90 minutes each and include compulsory homework assignments to fully prepare you for your weight loss journey. My course will prepare you for any weight loss programme that you choose to follow. You can also join in at any point on your journey if you've already got started. 

This course is designed to put in the foundations that you will need to be successful. A house needs strong foundations to stay upright and intact no matter what conditions it is subjected to. The  same applies to your weight loss journey. You need strong foundations to be able to stay on track with your weight loss or maintenance, no matter what life throws at you. 


This course is priceless in terms of the benefits you will gain as a result of permanent weight loss instead of future cycles of dieting and weight gain. If you follow and put into practice everything you learn, you WILL succeed! There are 3 options to choose from according to your budget and your needs. 

Once you have completed the course you can choose to go it alone, OR you can move into ongoing coaching with me, or join my low-cost monthly membership programme to support you on your journey (see below). 


1:1 face to face (online) with me, tailored support - contact me to discuss and to book your place*  

Group (online)   

Web-based on your own, follow at your own pace - coming soon 

*Payment required to secure booking, non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours. 


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