Preparing for Successful Weight Loss Programme


Click on the video to hear what Kat had to say about doing the programme.

"It's all about the mental preparation that you need to go through, just like you would for any other large life event, and I'd never considered it like that before." 

"It's massively increased my confidence in being able to achieve this, as a change for  the better that's going to last forever." 

"Every time I make a decision now regarding food I am asking myself a lot more questions." 

"It's about re-setting those learned behaviours." 

"So much of what I've learned on the course could be applied to other areas of my life." 

Do you want to lose weight but feel stuck? This 8-session programme is JUST what you need!!! It takes you through all the steps required to increase your chances of successful weight loss. The sessions are 90 minutes each and include homework assignments to fully prepare you for your weight loss journey. My course will prepare you for any weight loss programme that you choose to follow. You can also join in at any point on your journey if you've already got started. 

This course is designed to put in the foundations that you will need to be successful. A house needs strong foundations to stay upright and intact no matter what conditions it is subjected to. The  same applies to your weight loss journey. You need strong foundations to be able to stay on track with your weight loss or maintenance, no matter what life throws at you. 


This course is priceless in terms of the benefits you will gain as a result of increasing your chances of permanent weight loss instead of future cycles of dieting and weight gain. If you follow and put into practice everything you learn, you will give yourself the best possible chance of success! There are 3 options to choose from according to your budget and your needs. 

Once you have completed the programme you can choose to go it alone, OR you can move into ongoing coaching with me, or join my low-cost monthly membership programme to support you on your journey (see below). 

If you can't quite stretch to the price of the programme, then you could purchase my e-book*, based on my Preparing for Successful Weight Loss (P4SWL) Course, for just £9.97.

If you want to find out what more people are saying about my course then check me out on Trustpilot. Here are a couple of reviews, one for the 1:1 version and the other for the group version of the course. 

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The group version*

If are ready to make a full commitment and invest in yourself and your future, but can't quite stretch your budget to the 1:1  version of the course, then the group version of the course might be the best option for you.

  • Currently £149 per person.

  • Once a week for 8 weeks.

  • 10 people have to be signed up for it to run. Sign up to my mailing list to be notified when the next course will be running.

  • Sessions are 1hr 30 minutes each where we go through course material, have some discussion, and then participants complete the activities in between the sessions.

  • Sessions take place at 7pm on a Monday or Tuesday evening UK time, whichever is the most popular with the current group.

  • All sessions are recorded so no one misses out if they can't attend a session.

  • Complimentary Silver Club  membership for the life of the course and for 1 week after you finish. 

The 1:1 version*

If you need some really intensive support and are ready to make a full commitment and invest in yourself and your future, and have the budget to do it, then the 1:1  version of the course might be the best option for you. 

  • Currently £995 per person.

  • This is tailored to the individual.

  • We will have discussion as we go through the course work, working harder on the things that are the biggest issues for you.

  • The assignments are compulsory as I will hold you to account to do the work in between the sessions.

  • You make a commitment to this at the beginning.

  • The sessions are 1hr 30 minutes long.

  • They run 1-2 weeks apart depending on how much work you need to do between the sessions.

  • This is flexible week to week but no more than 2 weeks apart, to keep the momentum and commitment up.

  • All sessions are recorded so you can keep them forever and watch them back.

  • I provide 1:1 support by message/email in between sessions to help you with getting the assignments done so you can reach out when you need to.

  • Complimentary Silver Club  membership for the life of the course and for 1 week after you finish. 

The Members Club 

If you're on a tight budget and can't quite stretch to the  cost of the courses then the Members Club might be the best option for you. 


  • The Silver option in my Members Club,  in addition to the benefits of the Bronze membership, has two sessions per month on the e-book activities which take you through some of the material on the course.

  • These sessions are recorded and you would have access to all the previous sessions that have taken place before you join. 

  • The Silver price is just £35 per month 

  • The gold option is just £50 and members get 30 minutes 1:1 coaching with me per month, so this is extremely good value.

  • Whatever price you start paying at will be your monthly payment price for the life of your unbroken membership.

  • You can find out more about the membership options here.

*Both options of the course go into more detail on things than in the Preparing for Successful Weight Loss e-book, and there are a few more assignments to do.

Downloadable, do -it -yourself and go at your own pace version coming later in 2021. 

Disclaimer: results may vary.